Notable Thoroughbreds for 2013 Kentucky Derby

When the horses take to the track on Saturday the emotions will be high and the wagers will be even higher. It’s important to be smart while placing those bets no matter how high the investment, but it’s also important to kick back and look at the humility of the timeless race.

For instance, the horse headlining this race goes by the name Orb — with 7-2 odds many see this horse as the one that will cross the finish line first when the race comes to a close. After Orb, the next two horses that are getting a lot of attention are Verrazzano and Goldencents. The intrigue behind Goldencents, other than the 4-1 odds, is that the horse is co-owned by the Louisville Cardinals‘ head basketball coach Rick Pitino. Fresh off a national championship and some new ink to prove it, maybe Goldencents could be a permanent fixture on Pitino’s other shoulder blade.

Undoubtedly, this is going to be a great race as it is a spectacle unlike any other, especially when the weather is nice and the cash is flowing.

A long shot to win this Derby is none other than Fear the Kitten — believe it or not, this horse is not the only thoroughbred with a cat friendly name as Charming Kitten is also in the running with 23-1 odds. It will be an uphill battle for Fear the Kitten, who is dead last in terms of pre-race confidence with odds of 50-1.

The age old argument of whether or not these horses are athletes is surely to cause some stir, but if one of these aforementioned horses crosses the line it will be all joy for the entire group.