Can Texas Longhorns' Mike Davis Win The Biletnikoff Award?

By Corey Elliot
Brett Davis-USA Today Sports Images

Mike Davis will win the Biletnikoff Award in 2013.

The senior wide receiver is going to have a season that Texas Longhorns fans will never forget.

Along with the return to relevance, if you will, the Longhorns will have a return to familiar areas of greatness. Along with running back Johnathan Gray and quarterback David Ash, Davis will be a premiere talent at a premiere position.

The days of a top-tier quarterback seem like centuries ago. The same goes for running backs and wide receivers. The self-proclaimed “DBU” has never had an off-year thanks to DB coach Duane Akina and his relentless efforts to build an assembly line of NFL prospects.

Mike Davis is going to make things feel a lot more normal around the 40 acres this fall. His jump ball ability, speed and hands are all things that in the past, needed work at times. However, I think that was more of a direct correlation to his effort than his talents.

The Longhorns wide receiver was one of Ash’s favorite targets last season and with a new offense in the works, the sky seems to be the limit for Davis. Sure, there are other wide receivers that will compete to take home the award next season, but none of them have the depleted Big 12 to go up against.

To suggest that the Big 12 will be on a down year is an understatement. Davis, Ash and the rest of the Longhorns should put up big time numbers next season and Davis will more than likely be the Longhorns bread winner.

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