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New York Giants’ David Wilson Had Mixed Feelings About Ahmad Bradshaw Leaving

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New York Giants’ David Wilson Had Mixed Feelings About Ahmad Bradshaw Leaving

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New York Giants running back David Wilson had a very successful rookie season in 2012, which was part of the reason why the organization felt they could let Ahmad Bradshaw go. Wilson certainly did not know exactly how to feel about the situation considering there was plenty of good and bad that came with the news.

“It was mixed feelings,” Wilson said, according to “We had a close relationship. You hate to see one of your friends go, and not only a friend but a mentor. But everybody has to move on, and the NFL is a business.

“I was just happy to see him land on another team — a team that’s got potential.”

Wilson knew without Bradshaw on the team he would become the heavy favorite to take over the starting duties. However, he knew that opportunity came with a price. To have his close friend not on the roster, and the guy who showed him the ropes at the professional level, was disheartening.

The fact of the matter is Wilson deserves the chance he has been given by putting forth a great performance last year. This is simply the way the NFL works. Some players are able to stay with a team their entire career, while others are forced to move on because of money or someone can do their job better. Regardless of what happened, Wilson and Bradshaw will remain friends.

Wilson rushed for 358 yards, four touchdowns and 17 first downs on 71 carries in 16 games last season.

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