Washington Redskins: Running Game Woes

By Robert Cooke


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of last season, everyone was sold on the idea that the Washington Redskins had found their feature back for years to come.

Former sixth-round draft pick Alfred Morris, exploded onto the NFL scene last year and was a big part of what reignited a stale franchise in Washington. Morris was an instant contributor on offense for the Skins, who as a unit lead the league with 2,709 rushing yards.

Prior to tonight, Morris hadn’t been the workhorse back he’d been in the previous season. He was plagued with fumbles throughout the first four weeks.

With the Redskins coming off of a bye week into tonight’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, they looked refreshed. Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III appeared to be moving much better than he had in previous weeks, revealing zero signs of having a serious knee injury last year.

Despite what seemed to be improved play at many points in the game, the Redskins couldn’t get much done. The running game that made them so dangerous last season seems to not exist anymore on many occasions.

Aside from a couple of long runs by Griffin and one 45-yard touchdown run by Morris, the Redskins couldn’t get the ground game going. Morris’ yards per carry average was barely at two yards for the majority of the game and the Cowboys controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

The Redskins continue to 1-4 after their 31-16 loss to the Cowboys tonight, and things will only continue to get worse if the Skins can’t establish the running game soon.



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