Justin Bieber Offered Contract In ECHL

By Rob McMahon
Photo courtesy of vancouversun.com

It has been reported that Justin Bieber has been offered an ECHL contract with the Bakersfield Condors. First announced on the Condors website, “The Bakersfield Condors and Head Coach/Director of Hockey Operations Matt O’Dette announced that they have offered hit-recording artist/RW Justin Bieber an amateur tryout contract for the upcoming 2012-13 season.”

O’Dette has stated he would play Bieber should he choose to sign the contract, as he has seen video of him and noticed that he does have skill. Bieber, an Ontario native, like most Canadians, grew up with hockey around him; and whether he’s ever played competitively or not, it’s in his blood so to speak. Bieber is described as having “soft hands, a good skating stride, and a devastating wrist shot capable of beating NHL caliber goaltenders.”

Bieber has also practiced with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the past, so receiving tips from NHL players could go a long way. Bieber has an upcoming tour in which he’ll perform in southern California in early October, so the tryout could be squeezed into the teen’s busy schedule. One thing is for certain, with an NHL lockout looking more and more likely, it would definitely draw some attention to the sport of hockey.

Should Bieber decide to pursue the contract and succeed, if he’s as talented as they say he is; you would think this would be the best publicity stunt in recent memory. No matter how you look at it in though, Bieber would go down as being the hockey player most watched on YouTube.


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