Rodney Hood Joins Jabari Parker on Sporting News Preseason All American Team

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Transfer Rodney Hood will get some serious playing time on the Duke Blue Devils next season, although it would be shocking if Hood’s production is greater than Jabari Parker’s. Parker was recently named a first team preseason All American according to Sporting News, and Hood makes an appearance on the third team. They will both be looked to for scoring next season, and if they are able to get buckets at the beginning of the year then they should have a good shot at winning the ACC. The Blue Devils will certainly be favored to win it before the season begins, but their sights should be set more on a national title than just a conference championship.

Forward Parker was last year’s Gatorade high school boys basketball player of the year, and it has been predicted here in the past that Parker would win ACC freshman of the year and I’m sticking by that. It is going to be a fun race. ACC player of the year might be a taller order, but it is still within Parker’s potential to bring that home too. It will be an amazing season to follow, and tip off cannot start fast enough for my taste. If Parker and Hood can live up to their hype, then it could be another special season for the Blue Devils.

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