2013 NFL Draft: New York Jets Need to Strongly Consider Drafting Matt Barkley

The New York Jets have an advantage in the 2013 NFL Draft when compared to other teams as they have not one, but two first-round picks thanks to last week’s trade that sent Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. New York has numerous areas in need of addressing with all of the moves made during the offseason, but the argument can be made that one of their first-round picks needs to be used on selecting a quarterback–such as Matt Barkley out of USC.

Say what you want about what happened with USC last season–the truth is Barkley knows how to play and the argument can be made that he may have the most potential when it comes to quarterbacks from this year’s draft class having the best chance at becoming a franchise player. The fact that Barkley nearly threw for 7,000 yards and 75 touchdowns over the last two seasons shows just how talented of a quarterback he really is and he’s been ready for the NFL since he started as a freshman four years ago.

When looking at all of the uncertainty surrounding Mark Sanchez–this move should be a no brainer for a team like the Jets.

Sanchez has received every opportunity in the world to prove himself as a starter over the last couple of years and if he hasn’t been able to figure things out by now, chances are he’s not going to anytime soon. The last thing New York wants to see happen is they make the decision to pass on Barkley–only to find themselves in need of finding a new quarterback next season if Sanchez has another disappointing season in 2013.

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