Washington Redskins Should Bench Robert Griffin III

The Washington Redskins are 0-2 after getting blown out of the water by both the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers and there’s a glaring problem under center. Robert Griffin III may have a bunch of yards, but Washington got plastered twice and it’s primarily because of him. The solution is a brilliant, underrated young quarterback sitting on the Redskins’ bench.

Folks, RG3 is overrated. He’s been overrated since day one and it got worse when he tore his ACL…again…and then vowed to return from the injury in eight months. He’s not as explosive as he was and it’s obvious he’s concerned about that knee.

No, the solution is not for him to run more often as so many moronic analysts and talking heads across the sports world are saying. Running quarterbacks DO NOT WIN in the NFL. Period. Ask the boy wonder, Colin Kaepernick, how that turned out on Sunday night.

Of course, Mike Shanahan says he won’t bench RG3 and he has a lot of confidence in his young signal-caller. Oh really? He said the same thing about Donovan McNabb two years ago and look how that turned out. If the Redskins go 0-3, you better believe we’ll see Kirk Cousins in the starting lineup as he should have been from day one, especially considering Griffin’s severe injury. At this point, it’s not “if” RG3 will get — it’s “when”.


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