Lane Kiffin Should Never Get Another Head Coaching Job

When your list of coaching experiences begins to resemble more of a list of professional disasters than that of a resume, you know you’re in trouble. And in this case you also know that your name is Lane Kiffin. The former coaching prodigy got the ax from his latest stop on the coaching carousel yesterday as USC gave him the boot following the team’s 21-point loss at Arizona State Saturday night.

Literally minutes after stepping off the plane at the Trojan’s private airport terminal in Los Angeles, Kiffin was unceremoniously greeted and then canned by USC athletic director Pat Haden after seeing the Trojans fall to 3-2 on the season.

This is Kiffin’s third abrupt departure from an athletic program since 2007 and it should be his last, because it is clear that he is not fit to coach anyone outside of a prison yard. If you take a look at Kiffin’s past coaching history, it is muddled with lies, NCAA violations and most of all: failure. He compiled only five wins in 20 games with the Oakland Raiders, lost six of 13 games with the Tennessee Volunteers before abandoning them for SoCal and then proceeded to take perennial powerhouse USC and turn its top-ranked recruiting classes into a laughingstock by compiling a 28-15 record over the last three and half seasons. Even if you sweep Kiffin’s lies and past NCAA violations under the rug, when you look at his record as a collegiate head coach, it becomes quite clear that the only thing Kiffin should be allowed to coach, is himself off a bridge.


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