Video: Anthony Davis Possible Knee Injury

By Riley Schmitt

The entire college basketball world was holding their breath on Sunday.  Early in the second half of the Elite Eight game between the Baylor Bears and Kentucky Wildcats, freshman phenom Anthony Davis went knee to knee with Perry Jones III.  Davis landed awkwardly and the entire arena held their breath.

Luckily, it looks like Davis escaped any serious injury.  After sitting out for a couple minutes, Davis was able to return to the game, albeit with a slight limp.  More than likely, it was just bone to bone contact and Davis avoided any possible damage.

The poor teams in the NBA lottery had to be holding their breath as well.  Davis is going to be the surefire number one pick in the 2012 NBA Draft and we have to hope that nothing impacts that.

Overall, Kentucky is just running over Baylor.  The only reason Davis is back in is to test out his knee, probably to give Davis some confidence that his knee will be alright.  It’s also good to let scout know that his knee is fine.


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