VIDEO: Cam Newton Really Wants To Be On The Cover of Madden 13

By David LaRose

Carolina Panthers‘ 2nd-year quarterback Cam Newton has made it all the way to the finals of the fan vote to be on the cover of Madden 13 and he REALLY wants the privilege to be featured as the cover man. He wants it so bad that he made a video arguing his case to the fan voters and he also called out the guy he is facing in the finals, Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Newton challenged Johnson and any other fan to game of Madden to prove that he is the best one suited for the cover.

Don’t take it from me, hear Ace Boogie deliver the challenge himself:

That’s a pretty hefty challenge, although I kind of got lost when he was rattling off all of his alter-egos at the beginning. At least he is wiling to take on some of the fans from all around the world to prove his worth at the game. It’s not everyday that you see athletes challenging us common folk to a video game battle. Really the only athlete I’ve seen that challenges fans on an everyday basis is Chad Ochocinco but he normally plays fans in Fifa 12 not Madden.

Regardless, it’s pretty cool to see Cam try and interact with the fans that get to decide if he will win the right to be featured on the cover of Madden 13. He isn’t scared of the “Madden Curse” either so that should not be in the back of voters’ minds as they go to vote for the winner.

If you want to have your say in who the winner of the cover should be, you can vote here

Also, if you want to challenge Cam to a game of Madden here are his gamer tags for XBOX 360 and PS3:

XBOX 360- theACEboog1e


Email- Submit- Full Name, Phone # and Gamer Tag

Good luck to both Cam and any of the fans that challenge him to a game of Madden. Whoever gets the cover hopefully does not get hurt because both Newton and Johnson are exceptional athletes and add an entertainment value each Sunday.




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