Eli Manning, Peyton Manning and Deion Sanders Have Hilarious Outakes from DirecTV Commercial

If there is one thing we know about Eli Manning, Peyton Manning and Deion Sanders, it is that they are all pretty funny. Peyton took the world by storm with his commercials and his all-time classic Saturday Night Live skit. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s where he is hurling the football at unsuspecting children.  Classic.

Eli followed that performance up with some great ones of his own and put them together with walking parody Sanders and you get some pretty hilarious outtakes from a DirecTV commercial.

Easily the funniest parts of the video were when Peyton was standing in front of Sanders’ CD from 1994 and making fun of the entire get-up. He made sure to point out the fact that he had a high and tight fade and was sleeveless, which are all of things people made fun of when the CD came out.

It was also hilarious to hear the multiple responses Peyton gives when Sanders asks him where Eli is. My favorite response was “He’s at his urinalysis.”

Maybe SNL took notice and can have the three NFL superstars on for a guest spot on the show, or maybe even go with something unprecedented and have three hosts. It would be an instant classic and I definitely wouldn’t miss it. Well, maybe I would miss it, but I’d make sure to DVR it (remember the old days when you actually had to make plans around watching your favorite shows? Thank God for DVR).


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