Dez Bryant Should be Commended

By ryanmasters

As most of you have heard, Dez Bryant has put sanctions on himself and will be under constant surveillance. He has struggled with off the field problems in his past despite not having any convictions on his record. He is finally taking the right steps to become a star in the NFL and should be commended for it.

More players should learn from his past so that they can be immediately be successful upon entering the league. Bryant took a few years to hop on the maturity bus but he seems to be learning now. He has been criticized for his off the field antics as well as quitting on plays or games on the field. I am happy to see that he is finally owning up to his mistakes.

The Dallas Cowboys are going to give him as many resources he needs because of his high talent level. The Cowboys probably encouraged him to live by these rules but in the end it is ultimately up to him. If he does follow the rules that he has set up, his career could take off and he may blossom into one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. He is a physical specimen and has all the tools to be great in this league.

He is finally seeking help and hoping the revitalize his career. He grew up in a very tough environment and it is remarkable that he has even made it as far as he has. Past NFL players have settled for being average once they reach the league and their careers have quickly fizzled out because of it. Bryant does not want to go down this same path.

Dez Bryant has taken the first step to being great football player. His next step is to evolve into a team leader. This is going to be asked of him this year, especially if Jason Witten is out for an extended period of time. Bryant is going to be the new go-to target for Tony Romo. Bryant is finally ready for the challenge on and off the field. I expect him to evolve into a Pro Bowl receiver this year and may eventually become the face of a franchise, provided he sticks to his new guidelines off the field.

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