Apparent Explosions at Boston Marathon Finish Line Injure Dozens

By Kris Hughes

According to several reports surfacing this afternoon, there has been a series of explosions take place at the headquarters of the Boston Marathon close to the finish line at Copley Square in the city’s center. It has been suggested that a series of two consecutive explosions went off in succession — one following the other — close to the race’s finish line.

Social media pictures which have surfaced show several injured individuals close to the source of the blast being attended to, but the total number of people injured has not yet been formally released. It is also being reported that the media hotel adjacent to the finish line is on lockdown as local authorities investigate the nature of the attack.

Another story has suggested that authorities may have found an unexploded device which was intended to be triggered with the two devices that did explode, but malfunctioned. The initial explosion was now confirmed to have taken place on the north side of Boylston Street, close to the race’s finish line, while the second occurred immediately afterwards nearby.

Some runners crossed the finish line following the explosion, but the race was quickly halted soon thereafter and is currently on hold as Boston EMS, police and other civic authorities begin a street sweep of the area to ensure all is clear.

We will be watching this story as it unfolds this afternoon and will provide additional details as they become available.

Our thoughts at Rant Sports are with all those who have been affected.

Here are other video updates of the tragedy:

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