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2nd Rant Sports 2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Team 2 analysis

The 2nd Rant Sports 2012 fantasy football mock draft is complete, participated in by 10 writers and managers, including myself, in a live draft on ESPN. I picked for Team 2, second overall pick, in a draft of 10.

I feel that I did a relatively solid job, got some good value for certain picks, but will let you guys be the judge:

(2) Arian Foster RB
(19) Roddy White WR
(22) Jamaal Charles RB
(39) Brandon Marshall WR
(42) Peyton Manning QB
(59) Roy Helu RB
(62) Jason Witten TE
(79) San Francisco 49ers D/ST
(82) Denarius Moore WR
(99) Lance Moore WR
(102) Toby Gerhart RB
(119) Bernard Scott RB
(122) Joe Flacco QB
(139) Dustin Keller TE
(142) Earl Bennett WR
(159) Garrett Hartley K

We discussed the top 4 picks in the draft room, many feeling it was the first year in a while that there was not a clearly defined must have top pick, however when Aaron Rodgers QB was taken 1st, for me the only way I was ever going to go was with Arian Foster RB.

If Foster stays healthy he should be good 2000+ all purpose yards and 1400+ Rushing yards plus around 14+ TDs.

I had a moral conundrum in the second and third round, I wanted Marshawn Lynch RB who was still on the board at 19, I went with Roddy White WR, hoping Lynch would slip, once he didn’t, I felt Jamaal Charles RB was the best way to go.

I feel that Brandon Marshall WR is much higher pick than later part of the 4th round, I have done a few mock drafts on Yahoo and ESPN Marshall seems to go anywhere, from a high 3rd round pick, to a low 5th round pick, clearly the fantasy football masses are yet to make their minds up about Marshall at pick 39 overall I felt there was good value.

At pick 42 I took Peyton Manning QB, at this point of the draft I felt I had two solid WR selections in Marshall and White, and two solid RB selections in Foster and Charles, my next pick after this would not be until 59 in the draft, at this point of the draft only 6 QBs had come off the board, I didn’t want to touch Vick as injury wise he is a law unto himself, I went with Manning over Tony Romo, I felt vindicated in taking a QB when Romo came off the board at 43 the pick directly after I picked Manning up.

Why Roy Helu RB at pick 59? Well I needed a another RB, I really don’t think Tim Hightower is going to be ready after his knee surgery, and with the introduction of Robert Griffin III as starting QB I feel Helu could put up some solid numbers, catching out the backfield and cutting between tackles.

Pick 62 Jason Witten TE was the only guy I was ever going to pick, he would have gone a couple of picks later to team 4 as Michael Igyarto eluded to in his analysis of the fantasy draft (click Here), filled a big need.

I pulled the trigger to early on the 49ers D/ST at pick 79, I could have waited maybe a couple more rounds and still taken them off the board, I’m not upset at picking them, however if I could do a re-run I would have picked up Michael Bush RB or Mark Ingram RB instead.

Skip to the later in the draft, I was pleased to pick up Joe Flacco QB in round 13 pick 122, to add a bit of depth to the position, if the worst were to happen to Manning injury wise.

Round 15, pick 142 I choose Earl Bennett WR, for those of you that follow my work, you wont need telling that I believe the biggest winner in the Marshall trade from the Miami Dolphins to the Chicago Bears could be Bennett. I expect him to play out of the slot this season and put up similar if not better numbers than Eddie Royal did under the Jay Cutler-Brandon Marshall tandem at the Denver Broncos in the 2008 season. For more information on this fantasy football sleeper click here.

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