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2012 Fantasy Football Debate: Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III

The fantasy football season is almost upon us, and like every year, there are several topics that can get heated in some fantasy circles.  Even here at Rant Sports, writers have disagreements, and we thought with the looming elections, this would be the perfect time to host our own fantasy football debates.  Below is our first 2012 fantasy football debate between the two highly talked about rookie quarterbacks, Andrew Luck and  Robert Griffin III:

Candidate  Jeric Griffin - Andrew Luck

The debate between rookie quarterbacks Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts and Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins won’t be nearly as lengthy as most are being led to believe.  This is true not only in the debate of greatest NFL quarterbacks, but also in the fantasy football world.  It’s important to never take too much from the preseason, but with these two players, it’s the best implication of their future success.

If you’re in need of a backup quarterback in the later rounds of your 2012 fantasy football draft, you’d be wise to pass on RGIII and take Luck.  Contrary to popular belief, the Colts aren’t going with a “balanced offense” in this rebuilding season.  No, Luck is going to throw the ball a ton and throw it well.

Despite the departures of receiver Pierre Garcon and tight ends, Dallas Clark and Jacob Tamme, Luck still has plenty of weapons at his disposal in Reggie Wayne, Coby Fleener (Luck’s college teammate) and Austin Collie (if concussions don’t end his career early).

In his first three preseason games, Luck has averaged 170 yards, 1 touchdown, .66 interceptions and a completion percentage of 62.  In other words, Luck has the chance to become a quality starting fantasy quarterback as early as Week 8 of this season.

Griffin has a similar completion percentage, but his yards and attempts are literally about half of Luck’s and that’s the way it will be during the regular season.  Washington head coach, Mike Shanahan, likes to run the ball and that’s exactly what the Redskins will do.  Quarterbacks in running offenses don’t make good fantasy options.

Don’t get burned by taking RG3 as your starter in Round 10.  Take Luck as your QB2 in Round 13 and reap the benefits.


Candidate Emmanual Benton – Robert Griffin III

Last year, avid fantasy football managers had problems figuring out a safe round to draft Carolina Panthers’ quarterback, Cam Newton.  Those same fantasy football diehards will continue scratching their heads over what round to select Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III.  Both players have a chance to produce solid fantasy points – but Griffin, without a doubt will produce the better numbers.

The Washington Redskins have an offense tailored to what Robert Griffin III does best.  They’ve implemented some Baylor-esque formations mixed into Mike Shanahan’s patented scheme.  From naked boots to option reads and pistol formations – there’s only a few that can athletically accomplish those types of plays schematically and Griffin may end up being the best at it.

While Andrew Luck is athletic – he doesn’t have world class speed and he does not provide that big play capability Robert Griffin III has.  Not to mention, Griffin is centered with veteran playmakers around him. While Luck does have Reggie Wayne – Griffin has deep threats in Pierre Garcon and Santana Moss.

Cam Newton ended up being a strong candidate for 2011 fantasy player of the year, with 352 fantasy points that tied New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady.  Newton garnered huge fantasy numbers, partly due to his record setting 14 rushing touchdowns.  The Panthers used Newton as their goal line back often, and if training camp is any indication – the Redskins will do the same with Robert Griffin III.

Washington benefited from the Colts’ failure to re-sign a playmaker entering his prime – that being Pierre Garcon.   With Griffin III at the helm, he has an opportunity to orchestrate a lethal downfield passing game, much like the aforementioned Newton has in Steve Smith.  Griffin also has pass catchers on the outside and in the backfield that can create yards after the catch in – Joshua Morgan, Leonard Hankerson, and Roy Helu Jr.  We haven’t even mentioned Fred Davis who’s in a contract year and is primed for a huge season.

Luck has Dwayne Allen and Stanford teammate Coby Fleener, but with both of those options being rookies, it’ll be difficult to expect them to produce major fantasy numbers.  Luck is the type of quarterback that enjoys matriculating the ball downfield – then taking the top of a defense. Griffin is a threat every time he takes a snap.  He’s going to keep rushers honest because of his athleticism, not to mention he can drop back and pick apart a defense with his arm.

RG3 clearly has the upper hand on Luck, especially when it comes to potentially producing high fantasy points.  The big play ability and better supporting cast trumps that of Luck and the Colts.


Who do you think won the debate?  To vote or leave your opinion; respond in the comment section below.

Make sure to check back for more fantasy football debates over the next week.