Cincinnati Reds: Various Musings

By Jeff Gray
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

It’s that time again.  Time for me to make some unconnected, random comments and observations regarding the Cincinnati Reds as the season starts its slow march to a close. Enjoy.

-It sure is nice to have Joey Votto back in the line up.  You can tell that he is getting more comfortable at the plate and in the field.  You can literally see him improving every game, inning or at bat.  Alls well with the world when Votto is in the 3 spot.

-Last night’s game winner not withstanding (or the whole game for that matter), can Drew Stubbs be productive enough at the plate for the Cincinnati Reds?  If only he could put together two or three games in a row like last night. He was more than solid in the field, though.

-Anyone else a little annoyed with the antics of Brandon Phillips.  The Cincinnati Reds’ Gold Glove secondbaseman is a wizard in the field and he’s having his best year at the plate, but his side antics are getting old.  I’m tired of him popping his head with the bat after getting a hit, not running out ground balls, wiping his hands on the firstbaseman when he slides back at first, acting like he is catching the fly ball that Jay Bruce is actually catching, etc.  I know he’s just having fun and being Brandon, but it does get a little old – and I’m a huge fan.  Those of you who don’t care for the Reds must really hate it.

-Don’t you think that Cincinnati Reds Manager Dusty Baker should, at least, be in the conversation when talk of Manager of the Year comes up?

-Is it just me or has Walt Jocketty made all the right moves this season.  Almost everything he has done has turned to gold – Jonathan Broxton, JJ Hoover, Xavier Paul, etc….

Stay tuned for the next installment of “Musings on the Cincinnati Reds”.  I know you can’t wait!

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