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MLB Rumors: Ryan Ludwick to Stay with Cincinnati Reds

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Since the end of the season is fast approaching attention turns to two things in the baseball world – post-season playoffs and off-season contracts.  Well, the Cincinnati Reds will be doing both this year as they have just guaranteed themselves a spot in the post-season action yesterday.  Who knows how the playoffs will turn out, but mlb rumors has been swirling lately as to the status of the Reds’ outfielder Ryan Ludwick.

Ludwick signed a one-year contract at the beginning of the season with the Reds for a reported $2.5M.  There is a mutual $5 M option for the 2013 season that has a $500K buyout included. 

Given what Ludwick has accomplished this season (clearly his best as a professional), the Reds will be looking to exercise their end of the contract next year.  All Ludwick has done is hit .276 BA, .349 OBP and have a .532 OPS for the Reds.  In addition, he has hit a career high 27 homeruns.  So he has proven his worth for the team.  Ludwick was quoted the other day as saying, “I’ve told numerous people I like it here. I’m definitely going to do everything in my ability on my side to stay here. I know it’s a business and budgets become factors in an organization. I’m really hoping everything works out.”

MLB rumors are very often wrong in these kinds of matters, but one would be very surprised if the Reds do not commit to at least one more year with the powerful righthander.

On a side and critique of Ludwick, I’ve said it before and will say it again, he seems to be swinging for the fences every time he is up to bat lately.  I have noticed that in the last 6 or 7 games that hasn’t been the case, and I hope that continues.  As always, we will have to wait to see.

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