Don Mattingly: Stephen Fife Back in Starting Rotation For Now

By David Miller
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Well it was only a matter of time. It seems fate is on the side of Stephen Fife and his staying in the Los Angeles Dodgers starting rotation. It was a little irritating for me to see a guy that performed so well last season dropped so far down the starting rotation list for the start of the next season. I still don’t really understand why they didn’t give Fife the ball right off in spring training and see what he could do.  It seems fate has stepped in however, once again.

How many times have you seen four starting pitchers on the disabled list for one team? Look that up and get back to me. I don’t know that it has ever happened and if so, certainly not often. Unfortunately it has happened to the Dodgers. However, misfortune for one can turn into gold for someone else.

That isn’t to say that Fife wants anyone to get injured, I have no doubt he wants nothing like that. What it says is this is a guy that doesn’t seem bitter because of being dropped off the starters list this season. He simple did what the organization asked of him and here he is, once again, thrown into the starter role.

I might be a little too fantastic in my view of the world but I think it is possible that fate, or a higher power, or just pure baseball luck wants Don Mattingly to leave Fife in the starting rotation. The way Mattingly put it was that Fife was back in “for now”. All Fife did was go out and settle down after a rocky first inning to give his team the chance to win.

You know what? Not only did they win but it was their first win in six games. I’m telling you folks, there is something special about Stephen Fife being in the starting rotation for the Dodgers. I don’t know what but there is something more than chance at work here in my ever humble opinion.


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