Collectively, Chicago White Sox Offense Has a Negative WAR

By Bryan Lutz
Jeff Keppinger Chicago White Sox
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought the offense of the Chicago White Sox was bad, you couldn’t possibly be more right about anything in your life. As it stands right now, the entire offense has a -0.2 fWAR. That’s right, folks — the entire offense is literally costing the team wins.

If you are unfamiliar with WAR, let me try and explain this to you as simply as I can. The White Sox are probably better off not swinging at anything and hope they can just score via walking, because swinging definitely isn’t working for a majority of the roster. The fact that Conor Gillaspie is tied for the team lead in fWAR is downright depressing, unless you want to take the glass half-full outlook and say he’s a surprise. However, it’s hard for me to see the glass half-full right now.

Can things get better? Sure, anything can happen. Is it likely that Chicago’s offense can turn it around? No, probably not, because these guys refuse to take walks, strike out way too much and swing at bad pitches constantly. Okay, even though I said I cannot see a glass that is half-full, I am going to attempt to look at this bit of news in an optimistic way by saying five words: it can’t get any worse.

I highly doubt that Jeff Keppinger will end the season with a .400 OPS, just as I’m sure that Adam Dunn won’t hit in the lower .100s. If those two guys heat up – which they are – the offense will start to come around, especially with Alex Rios continuing to hit the way he did last season. Nevertheless, this is one sad revelation to stumble upon today, and the fact that they are facing Yu Darvish in less in an hour won’t help the cause.

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