Frankie Edgar vs Benson Henderson II Prediction

With UFC 150 just a few days away,I will be giving my thoughts on what I think will be Fight of the Year. The UFC 150 card is one of the biggest cards this year and will definitely entertain fans. Here are my thoughts on the main event.


Frankie Edgar VS Benson Henderson II: This fight has fight of the year written all over it.Frankie Edgar always puts on great fights and has put on some of the best performances the lightweight division has seen.  The first fight was going well for Edgar until Henderson landed a devastating up kick that slowed Edgar down a lot.  Although Edgar thinks he won the fight I disagree, Edgar did land 5 take downs but was beat in the striking game and Henderson also had a close submission attempt.  In my honest opinion I think Henderson won the fight clearly but everyone has there own opinion. With that being said I think the rematch will be a lot different, Edgar has always shown the ability and drive to comeback from losses and avenge them. Edgar did not perform well in the later rounds due to the brutal up kick that Henderson delivered in the second round and it seemed to change the fight drastically in favor of Henderson, Edgar was unable to fully recover from that shot which is why he lost.  The second fight will show a different ending, I feel that Edgar will push the pace and land take downs often. Henderson does have amazing wrestling but I just have a feeling that Frankie will be the better man on Saturday. He will most likely come out with the same balanced attack as the first time but will be more effective, Edgar has more determination then anyone in the UFC  and it will show. My prediction is a 4th round Rear naked choke victory for Frankie Edgar. Edgar is going to land his take downs when he wants and land some ground and pound to grind down Benson Henderson, eventually finishing him with the choke. Definitely a can’t miss fight, Not only is the main event huge but the rest of the card is stacked as well.Be sure to watch this one!

Written By:Colin Barton