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Yushin Okami Finishes Roberts in the Second Round

Yushin Okami came into UFC 150 needing a win. He was on a two fight losing streak with losses to Anderson Silva and Tim Boetsch. On the other side was Buddy Roberts who was coming off his first UFC fight and looking for a 2nd win in the octagon. Roberts was a fill-in fighter with much less experience, so not a lot was expected out of him but it would be an amazing test for the UFC newcomer.

Roberts came out into the first round aggressively and caught Okami with a good punch early,it didn’t rock Okami but it landed well. Roberts continued to throw strikes while landing a couple of right hooks. The action slowed down at the 3 minute mark when Okami instigated the clinch and got behind Roberts back to drag him down. It was easy to see that Okami really out classed Roberts on the ground and got into the full mount easily.The round ended with Okami on top of Roberts throwing punches to the side of Roberts head, the fight was almost stopped but Herb Dean let it go into the second round.

The second round was almost the same with Roberts landing a solid left hook, but it was pretty much the only thing Roberts was able to land in the 2nd round. Okami landed a double leg take down and quickly got into the full mount, forcing Roberts to rollover and give his back up again. Roberts was stuck in the same position as the previous round when Okami flattened his legs out and threw punches to the sides of his head. Roberts did very little to show position improvement and just laid there with his hands covering his head. This forced Herb Dean to step in and stop the fight midway threw the second round.

Overall it looked to be an easy fight for Okami and puts him back on to the winning side. Okami will look to move his way up the ranks into contender status but Didn’t show an improved striking game which could hold him back when fighting opponents with good take down defense.As for Roberts it was a great fight to judge his skills against an solid opponent. Roberts showed promising stand-up but lacked skill when it came to the ground game, if Roberts is able to improve his wrestling and ground control he would be a very dangerous fighter and could become a future top contender in the middleweight class.

Written By:Colin Barton