MMA Knockout Of The Week: B.J. Penn Destroys Sean Sherk.

Do you remember when B.J. Penn was untamed and unstoppable as the lightweight champion of the world? I’m sure that Sean Sherk does.

Here is a reminder:

Sure, Penn is not the same guy today that he was a few years ago when he was brutalizing Kenny Florian and Diego Sanchez but it is fun to watch what he used to be.

In this video, Penn battles Sean Sherk at UFC 84. It’s a great MMA knockout.

It is a knockout that is remembered more for what happened after the bout than what occurred during. Penn had blood on his 4 ounce gloves and did the unthinkable, he licked Sherk’s blood from his glove. That wasn’t new; Penn had introduced fans to blood licking in a previous bout with Joe Stevenson, but it was nonetheless unique.

The finish was exciting. Penn landed a knee after an uppercut right that dropped Sherk to his knees.

The finish came quick after that. Penn pummeled Sherk with punches that finished the fight with less than 10 seconds remaining.

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