Philadelphia 76ers Player Preview: Kwame Brown

By Dave Hilts

Despite being the number one overall pick in the 2001 draft, Kwame Brown is a terrible addition for any team – especially at a two year deal with the final year awarded a player option. 


A career seven point and six rebounds per-game player in an average of twenty-two minutes a game, Kwame Brown never really figured out professional basketball.  He is now allowed to decide at age 31 if he wishes to continue his learning process for three million dollars in the season following 2012-13 – a great use of Elton Brand’s amnesty money.  Yikes.


Supporters of the deal cite his history with Coach Doug Collins and his willingness to play defense.  Less than a block per game added to the rebounding numbers of a sober Jason Kidd certainly doesn’t help anyone jump on that bandwagon.  Kwame also tied his second-to-worst turnovers per-game average this past season.  Also, most recently, in his nine games with the Golden State Warriors, Kwame averaged zero blocks per-game. 


It is good to see his is improving.


Kwame’s role for the  Philadelphia 76ers should be to stand in the paint awkwardly when Spencer Hawes, Andrew Bynum, Thaddeus Young, and Lavoy Allen all need IVs and cannot walk – or even stand still with their hands straight-up (a task Kwame can barely pull off). 


Doug’s biggest mistake he can make this season is letting his feelings for Kwame affect the development of Lavoy Allen (or even Arnett Moultrie).  There is no reason for him to see any relevant minutes.  This will not be the case, however, as Kwame was originally signed to be the starting center prior to the Bynum trade.  What?!

– Dave Hilts

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