Jimmer Fredette : Is JimmerMania Returning to Utah?

By DJMein
Cary Emondson-US PRESSWIRE


“Jimmermania” has come, and gone in the state of Utah. Well, that’s is at least what “pure” Utah Jazz fans would like to believe. In point guard Jimmer Freddete’s two trips to Salt Lake with the Sacramento Kings, the very loud Energy Solutions Arena became split in half.

Half were pure Jazz fans, the other were Jimmer fans. Having personally attended many Jazz games, including Jimmer’s return, I can easily say I have never heard such a crowd. Many would cheer for Jimmer while the rest of the stadium would boo. Not the players, but the fans in the stands.

But with news coming that Freddete was on the table to be traded to the Jazz. I could only imagine what that would have done to the fans. Many of the fans are also fans of the University of Utah, who is the arch rival to Freddete’s alma mater, Brigham Young University.

Instead of getting in to having the media craze, Utah would go in another direction to solve the issues behind the three point line. By signing Kevin Murphy, the need for Jimmer is very limited.

I personally would not mind having Jimmer on the Utah Jazz. He is great kid who needs to have a real chance in the NBA. Being in Sacramento is the worst for him. He is surrounded by the most selfish players the NBA has seen.

Jimmer has a great talent set, he has more than proved he is not selfish, can shoot the three, and is great from the line. During his first season with the Kings, he showed his ability to distribute the ball. But many in Sacramento have viewed his first season as not meeting expectations.

Even if “Jimmermania” isn’t able to come back to the state of Utah. I hope for his sake he can find a ticket out of the California capital. Fast!

After evaluating the other teams, I can’t help but imagine Jimmer moving home and joining the New York Knicks.

The Knicks have shown the need for the media buzz, and I can see Jimmer bringing them some. At least for a short while. He also could end up with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Jimmer is able to bring energy and unselfish play to the table, which is what any team is looking for.

Jimmer is a very good free throw shooter, which down the stretch in tight playoff games is beyond valuable. Even if the deal is never completed to send Jimmer back to Utah, I do hope for his sake he gets a better shot than the one he received in Sacramento.

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