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NBA Rumors: Will The New York Knicks Sign Rasheed Wallace?


Rasheed Wallace has been out of the league for quite some time. However, he has drawn interest from teams and it looks like the New York Knicks could be the favorites to add him. Quite the little batch of NBA rumors to break early on a Sunday.

I mean, the Knicks are old as it is. Adding a guy like Sheed would probably not hurt and if he still has something left, he would be good depth. They do have plenty of post depth but Sheed can probably bring more to the table than most.

Sheed might be a bit insane but the league is a lot better when he is it.  It is certainly not pro basketball without seeing Wallace get a bunch of technicals.  It is also not as fun when people are not complaining about everything that he is doing.  He is just a guy that can not win.

Personally, I like watching Sheed play and it would be great to bring him back.  He just happens to show enough skill to keep bringing in fans.   Then he rips their hearts out by doing something so earth shattering stupid that your head wants to explode.  That is what you want in a NBA player.

Hopefully this works out and the Knicks bring him back.  We would all be better for it.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.