Unfortunate Injury Might Derail C.J. McCollum's Rookie Year

By Dave Daniels
C.J. McCollum
Jerry Lai – USA TODAY sports

Sometimes I hate my job. Don’t get me wrong, folks. I love each and everyone of you. Yes, even you.

99.9% of the time I love it, but I hate injuries. I know they are part of the world we live in, and also especially the sports world in particular. But I wish we could turn injuries off in the real world the way you can in video games.

But here we are. It is the real world, where real injuries occur and real sportswriters have to write (hopefully) real articles about those injuries from time to time.

And if you thought that was just a giant segway to get me a little bit less depressed about the injury below then you would be right!

C.J. McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers appears to have fractured his foot, although it is not clear how long he will be out for. Apparently they are looking at Daniel Gibson to replace him, and have my doubts of how that will work out.

It is a shame that this is happening to McCollum, because he seems like a nice and smart young man.

My writing is going to be getting a bit more self-aware in the coming year folks. And my promise to you is to try and remain injury free, and just keep on giving you the real truth.

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