DeAndre Kane Is Leaving The Marshall Thundering Herd

By Joseph Nardone
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

I often wonder about players who play for smaller programs after they get there, especially if they end up being “better” than the program. That is not a knock on the program or anything — I mean, they were smart enough to see the talent there when no one else did.

But what does the player think inside his cranium? Does he just wish he walked on somewhere else? Would he like to eat the coach’s brain out of angst, or would he just like to transfer out?

DeAndre Kane has helped me get some insight into the minds of today’s young athletes.

For those of you who are unaware of his exploits: Kane is a solid guard who has definitely played enough to make one think what he would have done at a program bigger than the Marshall Thundering Herd. He did average just over 15 points, seven assists and four rebounds per outing last season — so Marshall must have been thrilled he had one more year of eligibility left.

Well, that was until he announced he was going to take his talents elsewhere for his last season in the realm of college athletics.

This is obviously a crushing blow to the Marshall hoops program, but the bigger picture is about where Kane will end up transferring to. I doubt he is leaving to go to another mid-major school. It would almost make zero sense to do so, as he was already established as a big-time player at one of those.

Kane is a Pittsburgh native. So, obvious speculation would have him going somewhere in that vicinity. I wonder what big-time program is in that area that may want the services of a complete, experienced guard?


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