It Should Be Tebow Time for the Bears

Tebow Florida
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I want Tim Tebow on the Chicago Bears. There I’ve said it. And it is not because I think he’s going to take over for Jay Cutler, but because I think the kid is a winner and he will bring some positive karma to the Bears.

For a guy that was totally mistreated by the New York Jets, Tebow was on the receiving end of unfair criticism. Meanwhile, the reason he was traded to the Jets, Peyton Manning, was terrible last week for the Denver Broncos against the Baltimore Ravens. If that would have been Tebow, fans and the media would have had a field day. Manning has gotten a free pass for his horrendous play. Meanwhile, Tebow has won more playoff games for the Broncos (and yes, he did throw the game-winning pass) than Manning.

New Bears’ head coach Marc Trestman has a relationship with Tebow and there’s been whispers he thinks he can still work with the former Florida Gators‘ signal caller. Matt Cavanaugh, the new Bears’ quarterbacks coach (yes the guy that was the offensive coordinator between 1997-98), worked with Tebow last season and was fired immediately after the season. There is a chance that he pushed for Tebow and was rejected by that tattooed windbag Rex Ryan. Considering the Jets kept Mark Sanchez on the field, I have to question the foot-fetish king on his choice in quarterbacks.

Let’s also not forget how horrible Jason Campbell was last season. The Bears are still searching for a backup quarterback, and Tebow may be a good understudy in that role. Plus, his ability to run gives the Bears options in short-yardage situations. This move just makes sense on a variety of levels.

I’m sure all of you have thoughts on this as well. I’d love to hear ’em.

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