Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Are Cowboys Moving Doug Free to Guard?

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There have been plenty of questions about what the Dallas Cowboys will do with their under performing right tackle Doug Free over the past few weeks. It appears as though the Cowboys have asked Free to take a pay cut, which he is reluctant to do. None of this is breaking news but do the Cowboys have other plans for Free?

The theory is that if the Cowboys can convince Free to take a pay cut and keep the offensive lineman, the Cowboys will use those extar cap dollars to sign Eric Winston and move Free to guard. It’s just a theory since there has been no mention of that from the Cowboys and Fox Sports Southwest’s Mike Fisher says that’s because the team has no such plans. Fisher reports that ‘anybody who thinks Free is a candidate to move from tackle to being successful at guard hasn’t talked to people in the Cowboys’ personnel department.’

That is a smart move by the Cowboys because as I have mentioned before, Free couldn’t play guard when he first came into the league and there is no reason to believe he can play guard now. That was a failed experiment years ago and there is no need to try it again. Free simply isn’t strong enough to anchor against bigger, stronger and faster defensive lineman.

So it appears as though we’re back to square one with Free and the Cowboys, where the options remain the same. Free can take either take the pay cut or get released because playing for over $10 million isn’t going to happen. Neither is moving Free to guard.

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