What Could the Washington Redskins Change Their Name To?

By Korey Beckett
Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins
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Every off-season, it seems that people are pressuring the Washington Redskins into changing their seemingly offensive nickname to something a little more “politically correct.”  This off-season, though, it seems that the pressure has been turned up to new heights. Even the mayor of Washington D.C. is clamoring for a change in name to the town’s beloved football franchise.

I’m not here to argue whether or not the name should be changed, but instead to offer a hypothetical “what if.” I’ve heard many people say that if the Redskins were to change their name, that the Warriors would be on the top of the list. However, that can be construed into being offensive as well, and would likely be thrown out. Plus, can you imagine all of the other NFC East fans saying “Warriors, come out and plaaaaay,” add nauseum? It would get annoying very quickly.

All of the creative “area-specific” nicknames are already taken thanks to the Capitals and Nationals. I’m not a big fan of the Senators, since it’s been used in both baseball and hockey, although some people like to think it’s a good idea. The first name that came to my mind was the Generals, but then I remembered that is the team that consistently gets destroyed by the Globetrotters. So what does that leave?

Here are a couple of suggestions. How about the Monuments? The logo basically draws itself, and if you want to get creative, how about a spear logo shaped like the structure? The only problem is that it doesn’t really roll off of the tongue. What about the Presidents? The Redskins logo already looks like Abraham Lincoln. Don’t believe me? Just change the shade in skin color and add a beard and top hat. It’s a dead ringer.

But I have one that’s even better: The Washington Warthogs. Fans of alliteration would be tickled pink. It fits the tradition of “The Hogs” offensive lines of the Joe Gibbs era, and it just sounds cool. Have a nationwide contest on the logo design, and you have yourself a happy fan base and a happy ACLU. You could even bring a live Warthog into the stadium to serve as the mascot, although PETA might get upset, but you can’t make everybody happy.

Korey Beckett is a writer for RantSports.com and can be reached at koreydbeckett@gmail.com for questions or comments.

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