Buffalo Bills Rumors: Who Is Trying to Trade Back With Them in the 2013 NFL Draft?

By Scott DelleFave
Tavon Austin
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It’s being reported that Buffalo Bills assistant general manger Doug Whaley is extremely high on speedy wide receiver Tavon Austin, however, this could be a huge smoke screen of a bigger picture. In reality either the Bills are trying to drive up his value so a team earlier in the draft reaches for him or there might be a trade based on if Austin is there at pick eight. There has been rumors floating around that the Bills will trade back as simply they need more people and the team that keeps on floating around is the San Francisco 49ers.

In a possible trade, the Bills would trade pick eight to the 49ers for picks 31, 34 and 63, which would give the Bills three second round picks in this year’s draft. If this trade were to go through, every Bills fan should be jumping for joy as they could fill a lot of needs, as they would have four picks between picks 31-64 as this draft doesn’t have as many superstars in it that can change the game day one, like last year with quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III for example.

However, in some positions like wide receiver, there might not be a Calvin Johnson in this class, who will go in the top three overall and revolutionize the position, but there are about at least six plug in day one starters that will develop into very good if not great players at the next level. These players can be selected at the end of the first round and will go through the third and maybe even fourth rounds.

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