Are Montreal Alouettes a Good Fit for Tim Tebow?

By Devin O'Barr

Unlike the MLB, NHL and the NBA, the NFL does not have a minor-league in place where players can be sent down to face inferior competition and learn the game. With Tim Tebow joining the hundreds of NFL players who get cut every year, the casual fan is now keen to the Montreal Alouettes and the Canadian Football League in general.

While the knowledge on the CFL may be lacking, the interest of the Alouettes in particular is nothing to scoff at. In addition, the opportunity that Tebow would have north of the border is much more extensive then the lack of support that NFL teams have showed him since he got released. Imagining the ex-Florida Gator shivering in the Canadian tundras is rather hilarious, but I am sure the faith-driven man would love the chance to extend his believes unto the Canadian people.

In recent years the pipeline from the CFL to the NFL has grown and when the Chicago Bears decided to hire former Alouettes coach Marc Trestman as the replacement head coach to Lovie Smith the league was somewhat legitimized by fans.

Tebow would have to take an ego-hit if he went this far north, but could it be worse than suiting up every week to be a punt blocker?

Time will tell what the Heisman winner decides to do, but if he keeps getting the cold shoulder from NFL teams like his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars then Tebow may not have a choice. Whenever the critics would voice their opinions Tebow would always respond with the tired line of “people have been telling me since I was eight years old I couldn’t play quarterback.”

Hopefully the worn out anecdotes will fade if he makes the transition from the NFL to the CFL. One thing is for certain: If Tebow leaps north he will not have to sacrifice his lifelong dream of playing quarterback like he would if he decides to stay in the NFL.

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