Report: Fox, ESPN Interested in Tim Tebow as College Football Analyst

By Phil Naegely


Tim Tebow
Debby Wong – USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the New York Jets released Tim Tebow ending the never-ending media circus. The attention shifted from the Jets to where Tebow could possibly play. Offers from Canadian Football teams and the Lingerie Football League as a quarterback coach came in, but Tebow passed through the NFL waivers. However, now a report has surfaced that Fox and ESPN would be interested in bringing in Tebow as a NCAA Football analyst.

There are some NFL teams that could possibly pick up Tebow, but this makes more sense. Tebow had successful college football tenure, and he is always candid on television. On top of being successful, Tebow is knowledgeable about football and would bring a new dimension to whichever network were to pick him up.

In August, Fox will launch Fox Sports One, their all-sports network. This is Fox’s attempt to compete even more with ESPN. Currently Fox’s college football show and field reporters consist of Erin Andrews, Eddie George and Joey Harrington. Tebow would add another respectable and knowledgeable person to an already stacked crew of reporters.

Nonetheless, no matter where Tebow ends up, he will attract traffic and viewers. ESPN did not talk about Tebow time and time again because of his success in the NFL, but because Tebow is a polarizing figure that attracts discussion, debate, and viewership.

It looks like Tebow’s NFL days are numbered, but his career in sports isn’t. The sports networks will be lining up to bring Tebow on as an analyst. One question remains though. Is Tebow interested in being a television analyst? Only time will tell, but the Tebow talk will continue as we wait to see where Tebow’s career goes next.

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