Houston Texans: Can Matt Schaub Become an Elite Quarterback?

By Taylor Sturm
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

This upcoming NFL season, the Houston Texans are the best team in the AFC South by far. They have got the personnel and the talent to win a majority of their games all season long, and quarterback Matt Schaub will be a major part of the Texans’ success. He deserves to be considered an elite quarterback in the NFL after his performance leading the Texans over the past few seasons.

Schaub had a great season, but he just couldn’t get it done against the New England Patriots in the playoffs. Schaub has to start playing like a clutch quarterback in crucial situations or the Texans won’t be able to make it to the Super Bowl. If he can lead Houston through the playoffs, he has the potential to be considered an elite quarterback.

Schaub has the arm strength and the accuracy to lead this Texans team to a memorable season. He’s got an outstanding running back in Arian Foster who takes the pressure off of Schaub and allows him to keep opposing defenses on edge. Along with Foster, Schaub has one of the best receivers in the league at his side in Andre Johnson. Johnson is one of the best receivers when it comes to breaking tackles and turning small plays into big gains.

Houston has all the pieces for a Super Bowl run in the upcoming season, but it will be Schaub that leads them there. If he does, expect him to be considered an elite quarterback in the NFL like he has deserved for the past few seasons.

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