NFL Fans Need to Relax Over OTA Injuries

By Ben Grimaldi
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

For those fans that are really into the NFL, sometimes it’s important to keep things in perspective. For example, the calendar still reads May and the regular season is still over three months away. Allow me to repeat the month we’re currently in, May.

Yet I sit and read every day how fans, and writers, continue to make a big deal over who isn’t practicing during OTA’s. Get a grip people; we are months away from any real football action and players missing time now means nothing. There is no need to panic over a player who hasn’t practiced until a week or so before the regular season begins. That’s when the worry is allowed to set in.

As we sit here in May though it’s important to remember that teams will be very cautious in how they deal with every minor injury in order to make sure their players are healthy in August and September. All the panicking, frustration and anger over who isn’t participating in glorified practices at this point in the offseason ridiculous. Believe it or not, anger is a word some fans use over players missing practices. I see this first hand as a writer on the Dallas Cowboys and I see the venom thrown DeMarco Murray’s way after missing a few OTA practices.

Of course some players have been labeled ‘injury prone’ and missing the first on-field workouts will make people worry but ask yourself this question; is it worth it to have that player practice in May and risk further injury?

The old saying is it’s better to be safe than sorry and it certainly applies in this situation. There is no need to panic over who does, or doesn’t, practice in OTA’s because it means nothing until late August. At that point, I give everyone free reign to panic until you’re blue in the face if someone doesn’t practice.

It’s May and perspective is needed, people need to relax over OTA injuries.

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