Denver Broncos Training Camp Profile: Wes Welker

By Andrew Fisher
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes the rich just keep getting richer in professional sports. That was most definitely the case this past March when the Denver Broncos pulled off a shocker by signing rival receiver Wes Welker.

Who knows what really went down between the New England Patriots and Welker, it’s in the past now, and No. 83 plays for the Broncos. There was really no better place for him to sign, if he wanted to stick it to the Pats. But maybe he just wanted the best chance possible to win another ring? If that’s the case, Welker made the right decision to head west to Denver.

Some people will call it an overreaction to say that Welker makes Denver the favorite to win next year’s Super Bowl, I’m not one of them. I do believe he is good enough to put this team over the top. We’re talking about a receiver corps that was going to be better than last year, even before Welker got to town.

To me, the long-time Patriot is the the icing on the cake for the Broncos. He’s not a product of the New England system, he’s just a very good NFL receiver. Sure, it hasn’t hurt his career to have Tom Brady tossing him the pigskin, but I don’t think we’ll see him fall flat on his face without his former QB. His numbers might decrease, but it will only be because of the massive amount of talent on the Broncos’ roster.

Training camp is going to all about Welker and Peyton Manning continuing to get on the same page together. It’s going to take some time, but these are two intelligent football players, that know the game inside and out. There’s just no way they won’t have success, and I think in the end, the veteran wide receiver will prove to be the difference for Denver.


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