Kansas City Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt Pleased With Offseason Progress

By Colin Barton
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt has recently expressed his confidence in the progress that the Chiefs have made this offseason. Hunt is just one one of many people who have praised the Chiefs’ work ethic during the OTA’s. Here is what Hunt had to say on KCchiefs.com.

“Just going back to the rookie minicamp, which just seems like it was yesterday, but it was actually about a month ago and watching the progress that we’ve made on the field. Even two weeks ago, I thought the practice was great, but then you move to today and the minicamp we’re in and you can see the guys are really picking it up. You can feel the excitement in the building, not only when the guys are on the practice field but when they’re in the meeting rooms as well.”

It is very rare that you hear these types of comments from CEO’s around the league, which means that the Chiefs must be doing something right to even have their CEO talking about them.

The Chiefs have appeared to have a great offseason according to many of the team coaches and players. We just hope that the team hasn’t created too much of a buzz among the fans, as they are putting a lot of pressure on themselves, which could lead to a huge disappointment should they have a bad season.

It should be an interesting season for the Chiefs; hopefully they can live up to the expectations that the fans have for the upcoming season.

Colin Barton is a Kansas City Chiefs writer for Rantsports.com. Follow him on twitter @ColinBartonRS

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