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Top 5 Positions That Tim Tebow Could Play With New England Patriots in 2013

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5 Positions Tim Tebow Could Play With New England Patriots

Ed Mulholland-USA Today Sports

On Monday evening, #TebowTime was on the move as news broke that the free agent quarterback Tim Tebow planned on signing a deal with the New England Patriots. Tebow has since landed a two-year contract with no guaranteed money and now he is off to mini camp to prove to the Patriots that he can earn a roster spot for the 2013 NFL season.

Well, speaking of him being labeled as a free agent quarterback, let's face facts -- he's not going to play that position in Foxboro with Tom Brady at the helm. Throw in a young, on-the-rise back-up quarterback like Ryan Mallet and it's clear that head coach Bill Belichick will have a different game plan for Tebow.

I mean, Belichick is probably sitting back and throwing another jab at New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan -- watch and learn, he's probably saying.

So, what are some of those different roles that Belichick might have in mind for Tebow here in 2013? Let's take a look at the top five positions where Tebow could help the Patriots this upcoming season.

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No. 5- Spiritual Leader

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We know that Tebow is a very religious man. Maybe he could lead the team's prayer services or simply be a spiritual leader in the clubhouse. Maybe. He might first have to get permission slip from Coach Bill and Mr. Brady.

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No. 4- Tom Brady's Personal Assistant

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Tebow was a great personal assistant to Mark Sanchez a season ago -- just kidding, Sanchez's only real asset is butt-fumbling -- against the Patriots, ironically enough. Tebow can learn a lot from Brady, so he should be bringing him his coffee on day one.

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No. 3- Quarterback

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This is a long shot, but it is still Tebow's natural position. Brady isn't going anywhere and Mallet is the team's back-up. But hey, if they need Tebow to throw a duck down the field in overtime of a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, well then they have their guy.

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No. 2- Running Back

Rob Foldy-USA Today Sports

This makes a little more sense here. Tebow is a bruiser and he's probably going to get some carries in a New England rushing attack that has continuously bounced around and featured a number of different backs over the last couple of years. In all seriousness, you can bet that when the Patriots play the Jets in New England on Thursday, Sep. 12 -- Tebow will carry the ball on multiple occasions.

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No. 1- Tight End

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Here's the position that makes the most sense. It's obvious, especially with the lingering injury issues facing star tight end Rob Gronkowski heading into this season. The Patriots have not been afraid to mix things up with their tight ends and of course Tebow can add another aspect to that thought. Throw in the speedy Aaron Hernandez and this could be another dangerous aspect to and already scary New England offense.