Expect Quick Strike Offense in 2013 for the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Brandon Marshall

It’s hard to believe that the owners of the 28th ranked offense in the league were playoff contenders last season, but remarkably enough, the Chicago Bears were. The offense was slow, unreliable, and it was marred by three-and-outs, turnovers, sacks, […]

Adaptable Offense Key to Success for Chicago Bears

Brandon Marshall

Throughout the NFL a dominant offensive strategy has taken root over the last few seasons, and the Chicago Bears have been left behind. To sum it up in a few words, NFL teams love the audible offense. And why wouldn’t they? […]

Chicago Bears Release Evan Rodriguez

Evan Rodriguez Chicago Bears

Apparently, the Chicago Bears have had enough. After two arrests this offseason, fullback/tight end Evan Rodriguez was released from the team Monday. The Bears signed veteran fullback Tony Fiametta as his replacement. This is an interesting move for the Bears, […]

Evan Rodriguez Must Fix Off-Field Issues with Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears: Evan Rodriguez

One thing is for certain, Evan Rodriguez needs to stop getting arrested. The 6-2, 239 pound fullback was arrested (again) last week, on charges of DUI, speeding and an improper lane change on one of Chicago’s expressways. When added to […]