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WWE Superstars Upset About the Return of Brock Lesnar

According to a report on Wrestlezone, many WWE superstars are upset with the preferential treatment given to Brock Lesnar in his return to the WWE. We heard similar rumblings about upset superstars when The Rock came back earlier this year, so there’s no surprise we are hearing the same about Lesnar.

It’s pretty ridiculous these superstars are upset about Lesnar’s return. The people who are upset are probably jobbers and mid-carders anyway, also known as people who give little to no impact to the WWE. This is very similar to the golfers that were upset about anything Tiger Woods did or has done. There is just one message Lesnar and Woods should have said to these guys…

Shut up.

Shut the hell up. If it wasn’t for Tiger Woods, those golfers would probably lose 30% of what they make now. Tiger brings viewers and sponsorships, allowing larger prize purses for everyone involved, even the losers missing the cut. Brock Lesnar does the exact same thing for the WWE, so these jobbers can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

No one wants to see a Tag Team championship match or a mid-card rivalry anymore, and certainly no one wants to see a Hornswaggle segment. We all want to see the big guns when we tune in for two hours on a Monday night. We want to see confrontations between the stars of the company. The WWE is no longer balanced in terms of talent and feuds on the mid-card. It’s all on the top five guys in the company or else they are screwed.

Back in the Attitude Era the mid-card feuds were as interesting as the main eventers. We had entertaining programs with guys like Ken Shamrock, Val Venis, Owen Hart, New Age Outlaws, etc. But that was then, and the product is entirely different now

I’m assuming this won’t be the last time we hear about upset superstars, especially in regards to Lesnar. But they should thank Lesnar, considering people are going to start watching again because of him.