CM Punk Will Sing the 7th Inning Stretch at Wrigley Field on May 8th

By Bryan Lutz

CM Punk fans, it’s time to purchase your tickets for the May 8th contest in Wrigley Field. The “voice of the voiceless” will show off his singing voice, performing the traditional 7th inning stretch during the Chicago Cubs game. CM Punk doesn’t shy away from his roots, constantly professing his love for his hometown Chicago Cubs. It definitely will be an interesting stretch, considering CM Punk is a flat out magician on the mic.

I remember when Punk came to the WWE, and I thought he was pure garbage. But I had a buddy of mine – who was obsessed with ROH – keep telling me I was wrong because the WWE was using him wrong. Well, my buddy was completely right. Ever since CM Punk had his epic shoot promo against Vince McMahon and the WWE, he has turned into one of the company’s top stars. And why wouldn’t he be? Just watch this awesomeness.

Also, if you have any doubt wondering if the Chicago faithful love punk back, here ya go…

That Money in the Bank match was something special. It’s rare to see a WWE crowd like that nowadays, especially with a majority of the audience being children. There isn’t as much testosterone in the crowd as there once was, flipping their lids instantly when they hear a millisecond of a theme song.

As of right now, CM Punk is involved in an angle with Chris Jericho, with Y2J trying to expose CM Punk as a fraudulent straight-edger. The angle is working well since the two competitors are microphone messiahs. It also helps things that both men are capable of working a legendary match.

So stay tuned, CM Punk fans. It might actually give Cub and Punk fans something to look forward to. It might be the most exciting thing Wrigley Field sees all season, besides the hilarious Carlos Marmol blown saves.

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