Ric Flair Could Return to WWE as Manager for Big Star

By Andrew Fisher

Rumors have been flying all over the internet wrestling community for weeks now that Ric Flair has quit TNA wrestling, and that it’s only a matter of time before he returns to WWE.

Flair supposedly has just stopped showing up to TNA events, and is just riding out the remainder of time on his contract. All I know for sure is that his contract is up sometime this year, so sometime in the next 6 months he will be free to re-sign with WWE.

So what to do with him upon his return?

Wrestling insider Justin Labar is reporting that WWE is considering bringing Flair back to manage none other than Dolph Ziggler.

According to the report, WWE creative is set on Ziggler having a manger, and it’s basically down to Mason Ryan or Ric Flair. I think I speak for any wrestling fan, that knows anything at all about the business when I say, this is a no-brainer.

WWE apparently is not completely sold on using Flair, because of his history of not sticking to the script, his age (63), and of course due to the fact that he’s not officially back with the company.

To that I say, sign him, and shut up. Ric Flair is arguably the best to ever lace a pair of boots, and he is the man to help take Ziggler to the next level.

Mason Ryan? Yeah…how does that guy still have a job?

I’m sure creative will come to their senses, and get this done the right way. Dolph Ziggler is the next big thing in wrestling, all he needs is the spotlight to show it.

A little advice from the Nature Boy probably wouldn’t hurt anything either…


Flair cutting another classic promo.

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