John Cena Needs To Change His Gimmick

By Damian Seeto
John Cena Getting Stale In 2013
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John Cena has accomplished everything there is to do in the WWE. The man is now an 11-time WWE Champion. Cena needs to do something different or else the fans will stop watching forever.

Cena debuted back in the company in 2002. His character back then was as generic as can be. He was a bland young kid that had alternating ring gear. Cena knew he needed to do something to change his character if he wanted to become a main event player.

A few months after his debut, Cena turned heel by becoming a “white rapper.” The commentators ridiculed Cena for his “Vanilla Ice” gimmick but some fans loved his raps. Throughout 2003, the gimmick caught on and Cena became one of the more entertaining young wrestlers on the roster.

The WWE knew Cena was becoming too popular to keep as a heel and he turned into a babyface. Cena was a babyface rapper throughout 2004, which eventually led to him becoming the WWE Champion for the first time in 2005. Since 2005, though, Cena has not changed his gimmick and his act has become stale.

For many years now, fans have been begging for WWE to let Cena become a heel again. Cena has been a stale babyface for eight years running now. Not to mention, he’s always in the main events and the company has yet to find a new big star for the future that can replace him.

WWE seriously needs to let Cena become a heel to excite the fans again, or at least give him a long extended break from the business altogether. I don’t think fans can stomach seeing Cena hog the limelight for that much longer.

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