Matt Morgan Shouldn't Criticize Internet Wrestling Fans

By Damian Seeto
Matt Morgan In TNA
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TNA Wrestler Matt Morgan went on a bit of a rant last week mocking internet wrestling fans in a video interview.

He says internet wrestling fans have no business criticizing the industry and its wrestlers. He reckons they should not comment on how the business should be run and should keep their mouth shut. He did not like the fact that any person can now run a website and publicly criticize a certain wrestler. This in turn hurts a wrestler’s image if fans start to dislike him for this reason.

Morgan went on to say that most internet wrestling fans are fat lazy keyboard warriors that have thick glasses, are virgins and snack on corn chips all day long.

I have no beef with Morgan expressing this opinion, but one should not lash out on fans like that. TNA Wrestling is not a big company as the WWE and internet wrestling fans do make a portion of TNA’s overall audience. Mocking a percentage of the audience that watches your product is something that Morgan should not have done.

Let’s not forget that everyone is entitled to their own opinion on things. The fans are the ones that pay for tickets and helps a wrestling company grow in the first place. If they feel like a certain thing is upsetting them, they will no longer watch the product. The same thing holds true for any company aiming to make a profit.

Morgan should be mindful for what he says publicly in the future or else it could point a negative light towards TNA Wrestling.

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