WWE Rumors: Steve Austin Return At WrestleMania 31 Unlikely

By RantSports Staff
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Getty Images

It’s only September, but the Stone Cold Steve Austin-WrestleMania rumors have already started. Wrestling fans go through this every year, and every year the same thing happens — Stone Cold doesn’t come back.

The WWE Hall-of-Famer has stated on numerous occasions that he really has no desire to get back in the ring, and since he hasn’t wrestled in 11 years, you have to say he’s been true to his word.

But now that WWE and the Rattlesnake have teamed up again to promote each other’s products (WWE Network, podcast), many people are wondering if there’s more to the story. Why now? Why are the two sides teaming up after working together so infrequently over the past decade?

The easy answer is that a business deal between the two sides makes perfect sense. Stone Cold has to love the promotion of his podcast on the large platform that is Monday Night Raw, and since Austin picks a match of the week on his podcast — why not have him pick it from the WWE Network?

Speculation about this deal meaning a match is certainly premature. Sure, there could be a deal in place for Austin to make his long-awaited comeback at the biggest show of the year. Sure, Austin could be playing everybody and secretly preparing for one last throwdown in the squared circle.

But until there’s more to go on — besides a business deal and Austin saying he’s trying to get back in shape — let’s cool it on the return rumors.

A Stone Cold return would be the best thing for WWE’s business. But based on everything he’s said since his retirement, you have to believe the answer is still no.

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