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Daily Rant: Pete Carroll’s Questionable Comments on Terrell Owens

It was no surprise to see the Seattle Seahawks release Terrell Owens this past weekend as the 38-year-old veteran wide receiver appeared to be dealing with some of the same struggles he’s dealt with in the past with other teams. However, what does come as a surprise is the fact that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is already talking about bringing Owens back on board during the 2012 season.

Carroll addressed the media on Tuesday and made some questionable comments about his former receiver, basically praising him for the work he did during his short stint in Seattle. What’s even more interesting about Carroll’s comments is the fact that he “wouldn’t hesitate” with bringing Owens back on board down the road if the team were in need of a wide receiver.

If Carroll appears to love Owens this much, why would he part ways with him to begin with? He may have struggled at times during the preseason, but Owens is a potential future Hall of Famer that appears to have some gas left in the old tank and could make some sort of impact for a team in need of help at wide receiver, especially a team like the Seahawks.

Instead of praising a wide receiver who appeared to be your best friend in the locker room a few weeks ago, Carroll should have just kept Owens around and given him a shot during the regular season. If anything, Owens would probably make more of an impact than some of the current wideouts who will make the Seahawks roster this season.

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