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Former Notre Dame RB Allen Pinkett Believes ‘Bad Citizens’ and ‘Criminals’ Give Football Teams Extra Edge

Former Notre Dame running back and current radio analyst Allen Pinkett had some interesting comments on Wednesday when discussing Brian Kelly’s decision to suspend key players that include Carlo Calabrese, Tommy Rees, Cierre Wood, and Justin Utupo for the star of the regular season. Pinkett was recently interviewed on the McNeil and Spiegel Show┬áin Chicago and when asked about the situation over Notre Dame’s recent suspensions–the comments could be taken as quite controversial.

Pinkett discussed how he believes the best way to have a successful team is to have a few “bad citizens” and how Notre Dame basically has an edge over other teams for having these type of players. In fact, Pinkett went on to discuss how Ohio State had previous success by having two or three criminals on the squad to build the team chemistry.

As much as Notre Dame needs help to return to the elite level they used to be at–this advice by Pinkett was absolutely terrible.

Why would any team in sports believe they have an advantage because they have “bad citizens” or “criminals” on their squad? If anything, it’s only going to cause more problems because of the risk it has on impacting the team.

To make things even worse, Pinkett went on to discuss how a football team can’t be successful with a team full of “choir boys” and the players need to be coached a specific way to give them an edge. A word of advice to Pinkett–stay in the broadcasting booth and away from the sidelines since the last thing he should be doing is coaching players at any level.


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