2013 NFL Draft Player Prospect Profile: Mike Glennon

This year’s draft class may not have the standout type of quarterback guaranteed to be a high draft pick like previous years, but there are a few players that come to mind that may be worth the risk once the second to mid rounds roll around. As for Mike Glennon of NC State, he fits that category perfectly as he possesses the leadership skills that will make him worth taking a risk on in this year’s draft.

The fact that Glennon stands at 6’7″ gives him an advantage over defenders when it comes to finding ways to get the football to his receivers, but his footwork is still a reason for concern heading into the draft. Still, the footwork is nothing Glennon can’t work on and with the way things turned out in last year’s draft class–he would certainly be worth the risk this year.

Glennon took full advantage of being the starting quarterback for NC State in 2012 and he seems like the type of player that would be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed at the NFL level. With the type of numbers displayed at NC State, there’s no question the potential is certainly there for Glennon–it’s just a matter of whether or not he can manage to take full advantage of it.

Teams will be looking for the next sleeper quarterback to take in this year’s draft–so keep an eye on Glennon once things get under way next week.

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