What's Up With the Targeting Rule in College Football?

Apparently the referees in college football have been hanging out with NCAA officials because they’re starting to act loopy. After a 2012 season in which there was one targeting penalty called every eight games on average, six were called in the first weekend of the 2013 season. The problem was half of them were somewhat warranted while the others were absolutely absurd.

North Carolina‘s Brandon Ellerbe hit South Carolina punt returner Vic Hampton in the helmet with his helmet, but nothing was called. Then Texas A&M‘s Deshazor Everett was ejected for targeting after a clean hit. Heck, the guy he hit, Rice receiver Klein Kubiak, tweeted that it was a clean hit.

So what gives, NCAA? Either call it when it’s warranted or don’t call it at all. The only time that it’s really warranted is if a player is intentionally trying to hurt another player. That’s what the name implies, right? Typical NCAA hypocrisy.


College Football’s Targeting Rule is a Joke, But No Laughing Matter